Do Virtual data rooms allow Video Conferencing?

In large companies, IT managers generally use all tools so that employees can work securely in the home office. The setting up of video conferencing via Data Room and other services is one such tool.

The functionality of virtual collaboration room

Working from home is a good alternative for companies in difficult times to protect employees and the company. However, smaller companies and the self-employed do not have the IT structures of large corporations. With the right measures, you can ensure secure home workplaces where company and customer data are also protected.

Video conferencing is a modern communication technology that has synchronous nature and allows you to communicate, exchange information remotely in real-time, using the capabilities of conventional personal computers and various types of video cameras.

It allows all participants to transmit audio and video, as well as various electronic documents containing text, tables, graphics, computer animation, real-time video. Of course, video communication cannot completely replace personal communication, but they allow us to achieve a fundamentally new level of communication between the subjects of the process.

Benefits of a virtual conference

Holding a virtual conference has many benefits:

  • Productivity increase. The ability to be simultaneously in several places, thousands of kilometers away, without leaving the office.
  • Improving connections and strengthening relationships. Video conferencing will provide more effective communication between company personnel and customers. Sales representatives can work much more productively because visual communication can better assess the customer’s prospects for the company.
  • Multipoint conferencing capability: Video conferencing allows different people from different locations to be brought together to discuss. Participants can be in the same office, or different cities and even countries.
  • Increased efficiency. Video communication is in many situations more effective than a telephone call. For example, if it is necessary to demonstrate any documents, graphics, projects, then with a video conference nothing is easier, but it will be very difficult to do this by phone.

Data Rooms – a simple and powerful tool for video conferencing

There are many alternatives to software for online conferences. The choice of a particular software product requires professional advice, taking into account the available technical conditions and capabilities, requirements for functionality.

Nowadays not all Data Room providers can supply video meeting options. It is an innovative feature for such services. For instance, Netfiles is one of the leading Data Room solutions o, that is expanding the functionality of its services with a video conference function. So, the users can organize secure online meetings with other Data Room users without additional software or plugins. Administrators of Netfiles have access to all video conferences, users to the conferences in which they are participants.

In parallel to video meetings, a common Data Room for secure sharing and editing documents is particularly helpful. For example, Teamplace is the perfect tool for file sharing and virtual collaboration. The online storage with a focus on team projects makes it possible to open data room, which is translated like data room virtuale in Italian, in which invited participants can exchange, edit and comment on documents. In addition to the video conference, documents can be shared before the meeting and followed up after the meeting. Every Teamplace member receives an overview of activities so that changes and updates to the documents can be traced.

The considered modern services for organizing video conferencing are implemented using various network protocols. These services use two basic switching principles to connect. Some of them use direct IP addressing switching; others work with a special server that stores user accounts, synchronizes the communications of two or more subscribers with each other, etc.

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