Avast password manager

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Review of Avast password manager

Most internet and computer users are using a large number of websites and applications on their computer, smartphone or other gadgets. Most of these applications and websites require registration and login to access the features of the website or app. For each login, a password is required. Remembering the password for each website is very tedious. Most people forget at least a few passwords if they are not using the passwords for some time. Hence many people are interested in using a password manager tool. This could be extremely useful in terms of cybersecurity with using Avast Secureline VPN multi-device solution.

Avast password manager Functions and Usage

The Avast password managing tool allows the user to store all the passwords in one place. credit card information can also be stored online. All these passwords can be conveniently retrieved from any gadget of the user whenever the user wishes. The app can be used with Windows-based computers, Mac laptops, Android and Apple smartphones. For smartphones, a standalone app is available which is compatible with all browsers. The antivirus bundle for Windows computer includes the password manager. A standalone password manager app is available for Mac computers.


This password manager can be used with a number of browsers like Chrome and Firefox on both Windows and Mac computers. It is also compatible with the Avast secure browser for Windows and Safari for Mac computers. The password tool allows the user to save time while shopping since they do not have to spend their time entering the credit card data again. It can also help save time while browsing the internet since the passwords for all popular websites like Facebook are already stored in the browser using the tool. The best encryption methods are used by Avast to ensure that one Master password is sufficient to protect all the passwords for different websites.

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