A general review of Avast Cleanup Premium

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Computer performance decreases over time. Troubleshoot problems slowing down your PC with Avast premium review patented innovative technology. Avast Cleanup is a standard program for cleaning cache, boring games, functional programs, and old music. Avast got a lot of rewards by reviews wev sites like best antivirus for Mac, best antivirus in 2018, most impression software of 2017 year.

The application receives complete data about your device and shows obsolete files, underused programs, and other garbage. There is a secure cleanup mechanism in which it becomes possible to delete data without checking the files (that is, it is a cache, files that are not used).

  • Expanded cleaning: assumes exhaustive data on files on the smartphone/tablet, the choice of files to delete.
  • There is a function to display files and applications occupying the most space on the device: you can immediately find a long-watched movie and delete it.
  • The Ignore Files feature: when cleaning, you can mark the files that should not be deleted.

Avast Cleanup is an excellent software for removing debris and obsolete files from the well-known manufacturer of antivirus Avast. As always, the product is made to last. There is excellent technical support, as well as a team of professionals responsible for the timely removal of bugs. Updates come out with regular accuracy, users are happy and leave comments of gratitude. At the moment, the application is used by more than 50 million people.

Program analysis

Deep scan of device memory with the ability to effectively remove unnecessary data and files, as well as various methods and useful tips to increase performance. Subscribing to the premium version of the Cleanup program gives you access to the following features:

  • Improved photo optimization: control the size and quality of optimized photos by comparing them so you can choose the appropriate settings.
  • Automatic cleaning: allow the Cleanup tool to perform regular cleaning without interfering with your work to maintain the high performance of the device.
  • Disable advertisements: removing ads from the application.
  • Direct support: contacting its support service directly from the program interface to quickly receive answers to any of the questions.

The primary functions of the program

Firstly, it goes about removing unnecessary data. Deleting of the bundled applications eliminates unnecessary and resource intensive bundled programs or keeps them from decreasing the speed of the phone.
The system screen feature provides access to all vital device information on a single screen.

Control of the device

Sleep mode of programs suspend applications for a time to increase the speed of the invention, save mobile traffic and battery life, clear store and increase device speed. This tool cleans up all the needless data and removes unnecessary files. It quickly evaluates the memory of the phone and deletes all the redundant information.

Removing programs to clear an additional space on your device, increase its speed, and prevent Android OS delays. It allows the users to see an extended overview of all the information available on your phone.

By using the ignore list, you can specify those objects on your device that you do not want to be displayed in the deleting list. This device cleaning feature reveals and deletes the most extensive files from the device, including large applications and multimedia files.

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