Causes and Ways to Eliminate leaks at home!

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Household problems related to plumbing breakdowns are perhaps familiar to every homeowner. It is impossible to leave everything to chance in such cases, the issues that have arisen must be solved. MSKS finds the causes and solves the problems of eliminating pipe leaks at home without plumbing service.

Common plumbing failure problems.

So, problems associated with plumbing breakdown can be caused by various reasons. The most common situation is when a leak appears between the cistern and the toilet, and many are familiar with a bathroom leak.

Pipe Liks – Short Guide

Pipe leaks are usually caused by the effect of corrosion on the metal. A favorable temperature regime for corrosion formation is a temperature not exceeding +15 C. Just in such temperature limits, the pipe is located from spring to autumn. And the water in the pipes also contributes to the corrosion process.

Every year the pipe inside is overgrown with rust, and less and less metal remains in it. When corrosion pierces through the pipe, water begins to come out and forms a leak.

This problem can appear for various reasons. Depending on the cause decision is made on how to solve this problem.

First, the reservoir leak can be caused by a malfunction of the old deformed bulb, which no longer adheres to the seat with the same tightness as it did before.

When a leak appears in winter, water will slowly flow down the pipe and drip onto the floor, creating a puddle. If you do not take measures in time, you can flood your neighbors. Determine if you have a substantial leak? If not, it makes things easier. You do not have to turn off the heating in the entire riser. To fix the problem, you need to go to the store and buy a special pipe clamp. Its structure consists of two rubberized metal plates, made in a semicircle and held together by two bolts and nuts.

Such a device, due to its structural features, can be put on any pipe. You also need to look at your home for an old bicycle camera or rubber similar in its properties. First, we take a prepared piece of rubber and tightly wrap the leak; it is recommended in several turns. Then we put on a particular clip over the rubber and tighten the bolts well with a wrench. In this way, even thread leaks are eliminated. After the end of the heating season, be sure to replace the pipe.

In case of a massive leak, you need to turn off the heating. Typically, heating is connected throughout the riser, and therefore before turning off the heating, you need to warn your neighbors about the day of work. By this day, you need to think over a plan for how you will do everything to work out quickly. Most likely, you cannot do without replacing the pipe. To return a metal pipe, you need a tool such as a grinder. And if you do not master this tool perfectly, entrust the work to a specialist.

In this case, you can only trace the operations that the wizard will perform. The technician must cut the old section of the leaking pipe and replace it with a new one. This can be done either by tapping the old line and screwing in the fittings connected with the new pipe or by welding. If you know how to work well with the above tools, then do all the operations yourself.

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