Top Best Antivirus For Gamers in 2020

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Top Best Antivirus For Gamers in 2020

Whether you are just starting your journey to the exciting world of video games or you are a skilled gaming enthusiast, your computer needs to be protected. Yet, if you are going to choose the best antivirus, the process can be challenging. What is the best antivirus for gamers and where can you find it?The top antivirus for gaming PCs should not only secure your computer from viruses and malware but also don’t interrupt the gaming process. Imagine your life-changing gaming session is in full swing when suddenly your antivirus decides to update its database, showing you several annoying popups. The best antivirus for gamers shouldn’t do this, do you agree?

How to pick the best antivirus for a PC

Choosing a good antivirus for your gaming computer is difficult, as there are so many security products on the market right now. How to pick an antivirus solution that won’t make you frustrated? We are here to help you with a smart decision. In this review, we collected several top antiviruses which work perfectly with gaming computers.

The best antiviruses for gamers

Norton 360

Norton is one of the most trusted brands on the cybersecurity market, therefore the Norton 360 security solutions will be great for gaming computers too. Norton offers high-speed scanning without reducing your system performance or interrupting your gameplay. Norton 360 provides two different regimes for gamers, which are called a silent mode and quiet mode. Both of them were specifically designed for gamers.The silent mode is routinely initiated when you start using something in full-screen mode. If there is an application that uses your CPU intensively, the quiet mode starts to work immediately. In other words, when you begin to enjoy your gameplay, Norton 360 automatically switches to these modes. If you have young gaming fans in your family, Norton 360 can also help! The package offers an incredible parental control service that allows you to check and track PC usage.In addition to all these cool features, Norton 360 can optimize your system performance. With this amazing tool, you always know how your computer is working, and what can be improved to make it perform faster.


BullGuard is the best friend of all gamers as it has specifically designed game mode. This feature helps you do whatever you want in the gaming world without compromising your computer’s security. BullGuard gives you an opportunity to create a personalized mode that activates immediately when you start playing. This mode makes the antivirus work in the background silently without any popups.Also, BullGuard has a game booster mode, which boosts the CPU’s productivity and speeds up your system. It optimizes memory usage to guarantee a flawless gaming experience. Last but not least, this suite doesn’t require a lot of resources, therefore it never slackens your computer.

Webroot Secure Anywhere

Although Webroot is a relatively new name on the cybersecurity market, it has already built its reputation as the top lightweight security solution in the antivirus world. Webroot Secure Anywhere boosts your gaming performance by not involving the memory space too much. Moreover, if some antivirus software requires a lot of time to scan, the Webroot suite needs only a few moments to evaluate the whole system. It examines all the files and shields the computer from viruses and malicious programs.There is no special gaming mode in Webroot Secure Anywhere, but you will never need it anyway. This security solution was created to work in background mode at all times. It provides many amazing services for every occasion. For example, it can protect your webcam from spyware attacks. Or, there is a system optimizer that cleans your memory effectively by regularly removing the unnecessary files.To make things even better, Webroot Secure Anywhere saves your memory space as it is smaller than other security products. After uploading, it takes up to 4MB, as the key information is stored on the cloud.

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