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In Avast Pro it facilitates us with better options to combat these threats. It also works against DNS hijack and many more options are added to this new version of Avast antivirus.

What is Avast Pro Antivirus?

The advance version of Avast Antivirus review for which you pay some price is known as Avast Pro Antivirus. It is the software which protects your PC from virus threats, harmful factors, and spy viruses. It also distinguishes among the authentic and fake websites which can harm your personal data and can harm the activity of PC.

Its most persuading feature is to examine the URL properly and preserve them accurately.

Salient Features

1. Pricing

It is available at an affordable price so anyone can easily download.

2. Configuration

Its configuration process is very simple even a common person can install it.

3. Advancement in Pro version

  • It is the advanced version so, it has a lot of new features
  • It also includes the sandbox feature
  • It also provides the parental control feature
  • It also has real site key feature
  • It also provides DNS protection

4. Malware test score

It is ranked as one of the top positions in malware testes. It got a score of 9.7 out of 10 and it is a very good score in this competition. It is just two points behind from the topmost antiviruses.

5. PC Performance

It does not slowdowns the activity power of your PC.

6. Operation systems

It can operate in any operating system like windows but does not work in Android, iOS, MAC OS and even in Linux.

7. Protection power

  • It provides security and protection against fake sites
  • It helps in safe browsing and provides safe downloading. It also provides us the phishing protection

8. Usability factors

It has the ability to works on desktop and moreover, you can add it to any browser extension.

Dupe of Avast Pro Antivirus:

  • It does have any proper option for password management and you can have a huge loss
  • It does not provide Multi-OS support
  • It also lacks the disk clean up option so it can slow down the PC performance
  • It lacks the VPN option which is the need of almost everyone and hence it is the dark side of this antivirus
  • It also lacks the ability to swipe away the webcam threat and ransomware protection
  • Nowadays most of the people use smartphones and they need antivirus too. But this antivirus cannot be installed in mobiles. This is the biggest drawback
  • Another antivirus provides a video tutorial to teach how to use this software and all the information about it but Avast Pro Antivirus does not contain such an option. So, it becomes somehow difficult for beginners


No doubt Avast is good software on average. But it still needs many options to be added. It can protect your computer at the lower lines but it has to work much to match the level of other antivirus software to get 10/10 in malware testes. Overall it is good for those who do not want to spend much on these kinds of software.

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