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Personal information is one of the most precious things one needs to protect from the Internet. Some hackers or cybercriminals can steal some data or one’s identity for malicious purposes. In case you wish to avoid finding yourself in such trouble, it’s better to take care of personal information. In this IDSHield review, you’ll discover a way to ensure your identity’s safety.

A brief overview

IDSHield is a branch of LegalShield. The company’s tools and services aim to prevent personal data loss and identity theft. They include the Internet monitoring of the user of the user’s personal information, alerts regarding suspicious activities, and recovering from these incidents.

Every user, regardless of the chosen plan, gets 13 types of alerts that are based on the information found online. The alerts notify users based on the facts the engine finds on the dark web, social media, in the sex offenders registry, etc. It also monitors credit application and your ties to that. Now all notifications mean the data is lost. Some of them give you enough time to prevent that situation.

Pros and cons of using this service

The advantages include up to $2 million for recovery. Aside from that, no other company offers so many kinds of alerts. Finally, it’s probably the most cost-effective plan for families.

On the other hand, in case you get too many alerts, you might overlook some important information in your email box. So, make sure you won’t miss anything.

The new service available to IDSHield users

Now IDSHield members can work with a licensed private investigator to do a list of things. First of all, it includes removing personal information from public records sources. It also concerns monitoring medical fraud and reducing the chances of identity theft. The new introductions are aimed to deliver an even better experience and identity theft protection.

Four main packages offered by IDSHield

  1. IDSHield 1-Bureau Individual Plan;
  2. IDSHield 1-Bureau Family Plan;
  3. IDSHield 3-Bureau Individual Plan;
  4. IDSHield 3-Bureau Family Plan.

The most affordable and basic plan for one person is the 1-Bureau Individual plan. It tracks one credit score and delivers 13 types of alerts. 3-Bureau Individual plan is more expensive. It also monitors your credit reports at three main credit bureaus.

Two family plans can cover up to 10 family members at once. It’s the best solution on the market for big families. While the list of features mainly coincides with the individual plans but created for more people, the services imply credit score monitoring for a primary member and a spouse/partner.

All plans have recovery insurance. Individual plans have up to $1 million, family plans get up to $2 million. These are the reimbursement for lost wages, travel expenses, legal consultations, etc. Find more information about this on the official website.


IDSHield focuses on scanning the Internet for the use of the user’s information and credit cards. In case of suspicious activities, it sends alerts to assist in preventing identity theft. The company has recently introduced some new features. For instance, now users may work with a licensed private investigator. They’ll be able to remove some personal information from public records sources, monitor medical fraud, and reduce the chances of identity theft.

Choosing these services, a user gets one of the most affordable solutions in the industry. It’s especially convenient for bigger families as one family plan covers u to 10 family members.

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