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The art community is booming and expanding nowadays. Every day, new artists appear, galleries open, and trends change. It’s hard to keep track of all that. That’s why, if you want to know more about the new art 2020, it makes sense following reliable art news websites. Get the most reputable online magazines to find out about the main events in the art world.

The best overall website

Art lovers are sure to enjoy Frieze. This online magazine covers all art-related content. It has reviews from critics, interviews with new and established artists, the coverage of the new galleries, etc. For instance, it featured Dasha Zhukova and her Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. An enormous museum co-launched with Roman Abramovich, brings art exhibitions, events, education programs, and so much more.

For now, Frieze is the most popular art website. The printed version comes out eight times per year and piles the most stunning and impressive materials. Online magazine, on the other hand, shares the latest news as well as critical reviews of museums and exhibitions all across the globe. It has essays and columns from critics, experts, curators, and forward-thinking writers.

The oldest art magazine

ARTnews has the oldest art magazine that is older than a century. It has readers in 124 countries and still offers a print version. The latter is released every quarter. Aside from that, ARTnews has an online magazine, too. It has built a reputation of a trusted source regarding art as it covers art, artists, and event in the art world. The magazine’s most well-known contributors were Robert Coles, Steve Martin, Jean-Paul Sartre, etc. When you subscribe to the newsletter here, you are sure to get the top news about the art world.

Other great options

Many news websites share art news. As a rule, such news is in the entertainment section. However, you can’t expect much from such sites. They publish only sensations and focus on other aspects. In case you want to learn more about art, artists, trends, and events, you should stick to dedicated websites. There are lots of those as well. For instance, Artfag City, Artforum, The Art Newspaper, Whitehot Magazine, etc. The latter stands out by helping many new artists start their careers.

Whitehot Magazine reports art-related journalism, reviews, interviews, etc. Aside from that, it has a YouTube channel. You can find lots of exclusives there. It has documentaries about contemporary art that will change the way you see art.

You may also learn lots of new things about art from other sources. For example, art blogs and podcasts often discuss art and related topics in simple language. It’s engaging and very educational. One should also try listening to TED Talks for more in-depth information about art. It has experts who discuss how we perceive art, why it awes us, and many other interesting topics.

The verdict

To keep up with art in 2020, one needs to read news from reliable and reputable sources. Some of them are gathered in this list. These online magazines aim to deliver the best and most exciting news about art to everyone regardless of the location. Get to know more about the trends and new promising artists from such trustworthy sources.

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