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The developer guarantees improvement of speed of work, simplification of interaction and the strengthened protection of the computer. All this is provided due to a number of technologies and a component.  

Safety with Total AV

The following components enter a subsystem of safety of an anti virus Total AV: 

  • The Screen of the File System file system provides active protection of the computer against malicious applications, including in case of use of web mail. 
  • The behavior screen  – this module checks the programs started on the computer regarding suspicious activity in real time. The screen of behavior serves as protection against programs extortioners and encoders as, studying the code of the program, can find new samples of malwares. After the analysis and in case of confirmation that the started program is a trojan, Total AV blocks it, and is not launched. 
  • The web screen – the Total AV Web screen scans all HTTPS page regarding threats, protecting users from the virus attacks. In the blog by the developer there is information on carrying out an independent research which confirmed that the antivirus of the company provides the best check of the traffic working under the HTTPS protocol. 
  • Mail screen – this component will be useful to users who got used to work with mail through e-mail clients as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. The screen of mail will check all entering and outgoing letters for existence of threats in them. 
  • Software Update – the component of updating of vulnerable programs on the computer carries out verification of any programs on existence of the current version. At detection of the program which version became outdated the user can start its updating via the Total AV interface.

Other Useful Features

Many users use different superstructures for browsers. Often it negatively affects both computer capacity, and its safety. It is extremely difficult to keep track of the rating of all additional applications if their number is big. Total AV developers suggest to make such check for the user means of an antivirus. At start of intellectual scanning different components and sections of the computer, including a browser superstructure with low rating are checked, and after the user can solve, it is worth deleting them or not.

The abnormal disk to ensure safety of the computer, most often happens not enough use of an antivirus tool. If there were suspicions that the computer was infected with a virus, and other components do not find it, it is possible to use the module of the abnormal disk Avast. This component allows to execute check of the computer till system launch. 

Check of Wi-fi scans the module of safety of a home network not only the user’s computer, but also all devices connected to the router, such as printers, smart TV and webcams. It is known that Wi – Fi – devices are subject to vulnerabilities too, and practically each node of a home network can be made a bot and to use for commission of crimes as a part of a botnet. 

Total AV antivirus took care of confidentiality and offer users two components, and one of them is available in the free version. Passwords fully to have an information access, on the websites often is required registration. Depending on policy of the website different requirements to passwords are imposed.

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